14 Years of Consistent, Impartial Advice
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14 Years of Consistent, Impartial Advice

14 Years of Consistent, Impartial Advice

I am pleased to announce the launch of our new website, which coincides with our 14th anniversary. Whilst I believe that it is important to refresh our company image from time to time, one thing has not changed: our independent approach to investing.

An era of challenges

Since we started A&M Wealth Management in March 2004, the investment industry has faced many challenges. Financial and banking crises, increased financial regulation, low interest rates and government and central bank stimulus are just some of the things that have impacted on the advice process.

Committed to bespoke solutions

As a company, we have never shied away from challenges, regulatory or otherwise. Claimants and their professional representatives should expect the best possible advice –and our investment advisory management service is designed to meet claimant requirements rather than suiting our own! As independent investment advisers, with no links or ties to any financial institutions, we continue to provide bespoke solutions. This is the approach we first adopted 14 years ago, and it continues to deliver for our clients. In fact, I am frequently complimented on our results by Professional Deputies.

Greater scrutiny of Deputies and Trustees

Of course, it is not just the financial services industry that is undergoing change. Deputies and Professional Trustees are coming under more scrutiny, and the Office of the Public Guardian is taking a more proactive, supervisory role. Firms that manage the financial affairs of vulnerable individuals will need to ensure that they are acting in each client’s best interests; ensuring the quality of investment advice will be of paramount importance.

A valuable source of information

As we progress through 2018, I hope that our new website will become a valuable source of advice and information that you will find beneficial. Please visit it regularly. During the next 14 years, I will no doubt refresh our company profile and website again. Rest assured, however, the way we deliver investment advice and services will always remain the same.

Tony Ashton