Truly Independent

What really sets A&M Wealth Management apart is that we are truly independent. But what does being truly independent really mean?

Well, at A&M Wealth Management, we have no restrictions on our advice and services and are able to access the whole of the market to create portfolios that are best suited to your needs.

Of course, the investment market is considerable and includes a wide variety of investment products from a vast array of product providers. As a result, finding out what best suits your requirements and creating a bespoke portfolio takes a significant amount of time and expertise.

At A&M Wealth Management, we use the latest developments in software technology and – combined with our unrivalled knowledge and expertise – research the investment landscape to select the best solutions for you.

Once we understand your investment objectives, tax position and risk profile, we can create an investment strategy that utilises the most appropriate products, combining the talents of the best fund managers to maximise growth potential and minimise investment risk.

Never forgetting that we work for you

Our service, of course, doesn’t stop when your investment strategy is in place. We’ll continue to research investment opportunities, monitor investment performance and keep up-to-date with new tax and investment planning opportunities.

Your portfolio, which will have been individually created, will be regularly reviewed – to ensure that it continues to meet your needs and that all products and funds are recommended and retained purely on merit.

The result is the most appropriate investment strategy for you, backed up by market-leading investment performance.

With no ties or links to any financial institutions, or restrictions on what we can do, our truly independent and bespoke investment services ensure that you never have to accept second best.