Why A&M? Because nothing in life is for certain

For more than 10 years, A&M Wealth Management has been a byword for transparency and trust – a name to rely on for first class investment advice.

By continually monitoring the investment portfolios in our care, evolving new investment strategies as required and keeping our clients fully informed, we aim to deliver the best possible returns.

Totally independent, with no links or ties to financial organisations or institutions, we offer carefully chosen investment products – each handpicked for its track record and performance.

Managing portfolios ranging from £250,000 to in excess of £5 million, we deliver uncompromising expertise and knowledge in caring for our clients’ wealth and financial futures.

Proven Expertise

Our financial knowledge is considerable

Our Managing Director, Tony Ashton, and our Investment Services specialist, Sara Brogan, both offer more than 25 years of expertise in the investment industry.

Understanding Investment from Every Angle

As our existing personal clients will readily confirm, we offer an in-depth understanding of the investment process

Through tailored investment strategies, and the freedom to select carefully chosen funds from the entire market, we provide investors with enviable opportunities – regardless of market trends, upturns or downturns.

A Jargon-Free Approach

At A&M we will never baffle you with jargon

Instead, we’ll always provide clear, commonsense advice – guiding you through every stage of the investment process, and explaining why we believe a particular approach is right for you.